KEDITH-Municipal Youth Council: Webinar 22 April 2020

Municipal Youth Council

The Municipal Youth Council is a structure of young people’s active participation. They take initiatives on issues that concern them but also on issues of general interest. It enables young people to become active citizens. To plan actions in the areas of employment, culture, information and leisure. It contributes to the development of values such as solidarity and tolerance. It encourages initiative and cultivates responsibility to those who participate. It is a participatory body, which ensures that the young people between 15 and 30 years old are active in the local community without exclusions and discrimination.

Through the Municipal Youth Council, the virtues and dreams of youth are highlighted. The dissemination of democratic principles, the raising of awareness towards behaviors that promote the role of responsible and active citizenship are achieved. It is possible for young people to get to know the local society and its institutions better, to make their ideas and suggestions heard, to express themselves institutionally, to formulate and exchange views and to contribute to the development of the local society.

The decisions as well as the conclusions will be forwarded for implementation by the President of the Youth Council to the meetings of the BoD of KEDITH and will be presented to the Municipal Council of the Municipality.

It is time for the Mayor and the Municipal Councilors to trust young people, to give them the opportunity to formulate their own responses to the challenges they face.