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Short Biography of Dr. Dimitra Akritidou

Curriculum vitae of Dr. Dimitra Akritidou

Dr. Dimitra Akritidou

1. Doctor of the Department of Sociology of Panteion University of Athens
2. Postgraduate in the Management of Cultural Units
3. Graduate of Political Science from Panteion University of Athens.
4. Graduate of the Pedagogical Academy of Rhodes.
5. Specializations in Family Law, Counseling and Life Coaching, Efficiency and Transparency in Public Administration, Administration and business organization.

Has / Has performed:

  • Professor of Mental and Community Health Programs, University of the Aegean,
  • Research Associate at the Postgraduate School of Educational Leadership of the European University of Cyprus,
  • Specialist Scientist at the Department of Balkan Studies of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the University of Western Macedonia,
  •  Director of Public Post-Secondary Education Units (IEK),
  • Principal of Primary Schools,
  • Teacher of the Ministry of Education
  • Chairman of the Tripartite Advisory Committee of Central Macedonia of the Vocational Education and Training Organization
  • Journalist for 14 years on the Greek Radio of ERT.
  • Speaker at dozens of conferences in Panhellenic and International and scientific journals, with topics related to pedagogy, the creation of innovative programs in education, the relationship between arts and education, issues of equality, gender-based violence, as well as the minority of Western Thrace ..
  • Certified professor at the National Center for Public Administration, at EKEPIS, the National Qualifications Certification Organization (EOPPEP) and the Research Center for Equality Issues, with thousands of teaching hours.
  • Reviewer of scientific journals, member of the scientific committees of conferences and journals
  • Author of the books "Muslim Minority", 2004, "Archive of Hatzi Ioannis Martzelou", Panteios School of Political Science, School of History, Athens 1984. and of the fairy tale "The Tsouvalitsa and Kouaxakis" July 2020
  • Member of the Society for Macedonian Studies.
  • Member of the European Union of Journalists
    He deals with the public and today is the President of the Public Benefit Enterprise of the Municipality of Thessaloniki
  • Member of the Quality of Life Committee
  • Chairman of the Tax Disputes Committee
  • Member of the Advisory Committee of the NPDD entitled "History Center of the Municipality of Thessaloniki"

It was:

  • Deputy Mayor of Education of the Municipality of Thessaloniki
  • Chairman of the Legal Entities of the School Committees of Primary and Secondary Education.