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Municipal Youth Council

The Municipal Youth Council is a structure of active participation of young people who take initiatives on issues that concern them but also of general interest. It allows young people to become active citizens. To plan actions in the fields of employment, culture, information and leisure. It contributes to the development of values ​​such as solidarity and tolerance. It encourages initiative and cultivates responsibility in those involved. It is the participatory body, which ensures the young people aged 15 to 30 years of the Municipality, without exclusions and discrimination, their activity in the local public.

Through the operation of the Municipal Youth Councils, the virtues and dreams of the youth are highlighted. The spread of democratic principles is achieved, the awareness of behaviors that promote the role of a responsible and active citizen. Young people are given the opportunity to get to know the local community and its institutions better, to hear their ideas and proposals, to express themselves institutionally, to express, to exchange views and to contribute to the development of the local community.