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Invitation to participate - Cisco Course "Introduction to Cybersecurity"

Dec 30, 2020 | Cisco Academy, Announcements, KEDITH

We inform everyone interested that the "KEDITH Cisco Academy" of the Public Benefit Enterprise of the Municipality of Thessaloniki (KEDITH) will offer a FREE training program on cyber security. The monitoring of the program will be done online at a time and pace that will be chosen by each interested party, while the estimated attendance time is 15 hours. The program will be available from January 11 to February 26, 2021 and after the successful monitoring of the program and the relevant examinations, is given digitally Certificate of Attention (Certification of Completion) and Digital Certificate of Education (Digital Training Badge).

Program contents

As billions of devices connect to the internet, new threats are emerging!

The constant penetration of the internet in people's daily lives makes us more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. This introductory course will help you to understand the dangers, whether you are a professional interested in the field of Cybersecurity, or you are just interested in better protection regarding the use of the internet. The course explores current trends in the field of Cybersecurity, the threats that exist, and how they can affect your online presence and your personal data. For example, you will learn how to protect your privacy, but also the challenges faced by companies, public bodies and educational organizations today in this regard.

Upon completion of the program you will:

- you know what cyber security is and what the potential impact is on you,

- understand the most common threats, attacks and vulnerabilities,

- receive information on how companies protect their businesses from attacks,

Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day trends in this field and why cybersecurity continues to grow.


The program consists of 5 modules and is addressed to anyone interested in learning more about cybersecurity. Participation is open to those adults who wish. There is no prerequisite knowledge for participation. There is no limit to the number of participants.


The course will be done online through asynchronous distance learning tools. The trainees will have access to all the curriculum (in English) electronically.

Requests for participation

For the participation of those interested in the program, the completion of a relevant electronic application is required. Applications are accepted by filling in the online form: https://www.netacad.com/portal/web/self-enroll/m/course-233853

The training program will start regardless of the number of interested parties, and is offered within the Cisco Networking Academy program.

For more information on KEDITH Cisco Academy programs contact us at k.tsinari@kedith.gr

We look forward to your participation !!!

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