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Call for Expressions of Interest - Cisco Course “Introduction to Python Programming Language” (PCAP Programming Essentials in Python)

November 6, 2020 | Cisco Academy, Announcements, ΚΕΔΗΘ

We inform everyone interested that the "KEDITH Cisco Academy" of the Public Benefit Enterprise of the Municipality of Thessaloniki (KEDITH) will offer a FREE training program on the Python programming language. The monitoring of the program will be done online at a time and pace chosen by each interested party, while the estimated attendance time is 65 hours. The program will be available from November 16 to December 31, 2020 and certificates of participation will be given.

Program contents

Learn Python, his language Internet of Things!

How Great would It Be to Write Your Own Computer Program? Or design a page or application that millions of people will enjoy? Both are possible if you learn the Python programming language. Python is a very flexible, object-oriented programming language used by startups and tech giants such as Google, Facebook and IBM. Python is also recommended for new developers aiming for careers in networking, security and Internet of Things. Once you have completed the training program, you will be ready to pass the PCAP - Certified Associate in Python programming certification.


The program is aimed at anyone interested in learning the Python programming language. Participation is open to those adults who wish. There is no prerequisite programming knowledge for participation.

Upon completion of the program you will:

- you can solve problems using an algorithmic approach.

- you can understand the work of a developer in the software development process.

- you have acquired knowledge on how to run a program in a computer environment.

- you have prepared for the PCAP certification - Python Certified Associate Programmer.


The course will be done online through asynchronous distance learning tools. The trainees will have access to all the curriculum (in English) electronically.

Online Applications

For the participation of those interested in the program, the completion of a relevant application is required. Applications are accepted electronically by filling out the following online form:

The Python programming language training program will be started regardless of the number of interested parties, and is offered within the Cisco Networking Academy program.

For more information on KEDITH Cisco Academy programs contact us at

We look forward to your participation !!!