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Guide for valid application for KDAP and KDAP with Α

July 17, 2020 | Announcements, KDAP-KDAP MEA, KEDITH

Guide for valid application for KDAP and KDAP with Α (category C and D respectively).

Contact our STRUCTURES, where administrative and educational employees will answer all your questions! The experienced staff of KEDITH will be near you to help you in every step of your application!

Let's see in detail EVERYTHING we need to know!


  • The application is made with them CODES taxisnet from 17/7 in the afternoon until 5/08 at 23:59.
  • All supporting documents submitted ONLY electronically and any other shipment is rejected. For those who can not be identified, the supporting documents are sent electronically as pdf files in attachment.
  • Applicants must keep all official proof of their application until the objections are completed.


  • 17 / 7-5 / 8: submission of applications
  • 6 / 8- 12/8: processing of applications by EETAA
  • 12/8: announcement of PROVISIONAL results
  • 13 / 08- 17/08: submission of objections
  • 20/08: announcement of FINAL results, voucher printing
  • 21 / 08- 2/09: REGISTRATION IN STRUCTURE, signing of Contract with Structure, Submission of Entry Questionnaire.


Who can participate:

  • All mothers
  • those male fathers who are widowed
  • persons to whom custody / support of a child or disabled person has been granted by a court decision
  • Greek citizens, nationals of an EU member state, Expatriates, foreigners legally residing in the country.
  • Those whose family income for the year 2019 does not exceed € 36.000

who can register:

  • children aged 5 to 12 years (category C - KDAP)
  • Disabled - children with disabilities, adolescents and people with mental retardation and / or mobility disability (category D- KDAP with disabilities)

The beneficiaries should be:

  • Employees
  • Unemployed

EXCLUDED from this call:

  • Permanent and indefinite employees of the State, of the N.P.D.D, of the O.T.A. (first and second degree) and the N.P.D.D. of them.

Currently, those interested CAN apply for KDAP with disability (category D - children with disabilities, adolescents and people with mental retardation and / or mobility disabilities). A new invitation is expected in which they can join. KEDITH will announce the latest in this regard.

They are excluded of any restriction (family, professional, income) the applicants for KDAP with A- category DWhile the applicants with (Disability rate over 67%) for KDAP - category C (formal education) are excluded from financial constraints.


  1. Certificate of marital status (issued in the last quarter)
  2. Clearing note of the year 2019
  3. Employment documents
  4. Unemployment documents
  5. Disability documents

Following the processing of applications by EETAA, the final results and the beneficiaries are announced on 21 / 08:

  • They receive the voucher, Choose Structure / Body
  • They register their child in the Structure of their choice, signing a relevant contract
  • In order for the voucher to be valid, they complete the 2020 Entry Questionnaire

For detailed information on the EETAA website: https://www.eetaa.gr/enarmonisi/paidikoi_stathmoi_2020/16072020_prosklisis_enarmonisi_ada.pdf