Today KEDITH, building on the highly successful implementation of the European Youth Capital 2014, according to the Council of Europe and the European Youth Forum, is actively involved in two European networks working together on youth, shaping youth policies, co-organizing youth exchanges and implementing European programs using Erasmus + financial resources. Specifically, KEDITH participates in the Network of European Youth Capitals and holds a seat at the board of the Intercity Youth network of European municipalities.


Network of European Youth Capitals

The Network of European Youth Capitals is about cities that won the title of European Youth Capital since the institution began in 2009. Through their participation in the network, cities benefit from the exchange of good practices and know-how on youth issues, take part in joint European programs with other member municipalities to improve youth work across Europe and monitor progress and actions of each city after the end of their nomination as Youth Capitals.


Network of European Cities – INTERCITY Youth Network

The Network of European Cities – INTERCITY Youth Network is about the cities of Europe that have and support social policies for young people. The establishment of the Network was signed with the presence of the Dutch Minister of Social Affairs and Youth and the Deputy Director of the Directorate-General for Youth of the European Commission. The aim was to create a network of cities that would implement the proposed European guidelines for youth, transfer good practices from one country to another, educate members of their municipalities and members of civil society organizations on networking, education and training actions, but would also take coordinated European initiatives on youth issues and mainly on social support for youth.

Our participation is particularly important not only because we are the only Greek city that participates in this network but because we have access to a wide range of information and actions for the benefit of young people and the city under the auspices of the European Commission.