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European Information Center (Europe Direct Thessalonikis) KEDITH: Reducing CO2 - I use the bike safely!

November 19, 2021 | Europe Direct, Events

From Monday, November 22, 2021 the program starts: "Reduction of CO2- I use the Bicycle Safely!" This program is carried out by European Information Center Europe Direct Thessaloniki- KEDITH in the context of the implementation of its action plan and concerns the Political Priority European Green Agreement . The goal is initially to inform children about how we can, by making small changes in our daily lives, prevent Climate Change.
At the same time, and based on the widespread use of the bicycle, especially during the pandemic, we will be informed about its safe use, the necessary safety measures that we need to take
and its proper use.
The program will be implemented in area of ​​the Concert Hall, from Monday 22 November 2021 until Tuesday 30 November 2021 and will include the following strands:
- Information from a representative of Europe Direct Thessaloniki - KEDITH on how we can reduce
our energy footprint and how this helps to avoid climate change.
- Information from trainers about the safe use of our bike and the safety measures that
it is necessary to take (theoretical approach)
- I ride the bike safely (experiential approach). Children will be given bicycles and under
Supervisors will follow the route, via the bike path, from the Concert Hall
to the traffic education park (Macedonia Pallas area) during which they will be informed
for safe driving.
European Information Center (Europe Direct Thessalonikis) KEDITH: Reducing CO2 - I use the bike safely!
Although the implementation of the program will take place outdoors it is necessary to observe all measures to deal with the pandemic (mask, distances, etc.).
For this reason we will ensure that the students of the department of one school that will participate in the program will not come into contact with the students of the other school.
We will also make sure that the bicycles that will be used are disinfected before the next use in order to eliminate the risk of dispersal.
Follow the European Information Center at FB and be informed in time about their actions and issues that concern us all.
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