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Cultivate your ideas: EUandU.

January 31, 2017 | Exchanges - European Programs, KEDITH, Department of Youth

The annual conference of the European Commission Delegation to Greece for young people on employment, innovation and entrepreneurship this year targets the agricultural sector

Information, inspiration and support. This is the triptych of the EUandU initiative. The EU Delegation to Greece having as a priority the Recovery Plan for Europe (NGEU) and in its context European Green Agreement, organizes on February 4 online the 4th annual conference EUandU.

The EUandU it is one participatory and interactive conference, which is organized by the Delegation of the European Commission in Greece from 2018 and focuses on highlighting career and entrepreneurship opportunities for young people aged 18 to 35 living in Greece.

It takes place in a year that has been declared by the European Commission as European Year of Youth (EYY) and has as main objectives to support, inspire and encourage young people in the region of Thessaly and all of Greece to engage with agriculture and livestock, through the search for suitable employment or business idea in these areas.

This year's conference also includes Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFE) as there will be a citizens' dialogue with the Vice-President of the European Commission, Responsible for Promoting the European Lifestyle, Margariti Schoina and the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs,  Miltiadis Varvitsioti.

Ο Minister for Rural Development and Food, Spilios Lebanon and Governor of Thessaly, Konstantinos Agorastos will talk about the EU Green Agreement, which is one of the Commission's priorities in the recovery plan for Europe.

Participants will also have the opportunity to be informed about Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union and its prospects in Greece, as well as for its implementation through financial programs to support projects in the agricultural sector.

During the conference, young people and entrepreneurs share with the public their journey and stories that are a source of inspiration. They will also be presented innovative ideas in the agricultural sector as well models of successful partnerships such as cooperatives and manufacturing companies.

At the same time there will be information on organizations and programs that young people can refer to  relevant support and assistance as well as presentation of local products PDO from the region of Thessaly.

The Head of the European Commission Delegation to Greece will deliver a speech. Niovi Rigou, which stated "With the beginning of the European Year of Youth and in the framework of the Recovery Plan for Europe, we are organizing the 'EUandU' conference this year as well. Our goal is to inform and inspire our young people on their journey in search of the professional opportunity that suits them, so that they can succeed and at the same time create a hopeful and greener future! We are waiting for you at our online conference 'EUandU' on February 4th».

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