European programs

Kedith has been participating in a number of European programs aiming at strengthening citizens and their rights, either through a process of educating themselves on their rights, means of participation, or by means of involving local stakeholders and decision makers into an active participatory dialogue.

Part of the experience the Common Benefit Enterprise of Thessaloniki has acquired is by partnering with other European municipalities/institutions so as to realize  different programs.



Ongoing URBACT III program, aiming at creating Urban Gardens, a green breath in the middle of the city.  This Transfer network builds upon the “Management model of Urban gardens in Rome” Good Practice and aims to creating capacity building in organizing urban gardens, Inspiring and training people to manage urban gardens (Gardeners) and urban gardens governance & regulations.

Be Active- Shape Europe

Ongoing Be Active- Shape Europe project, aiming at awakening young people and helping them not only discuss their worries and ideas about democracy and social cohesion, but actively choose to voice their opinions through meetings with local decision-makers but mainly through practicing their voting rights in the 2019 Election.

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European Youth Capital

A major project that the Community Enterprise of Thessaloniki hosted back in 2014 is that of the European Youth Capital, a title  awarded annually by the European Youth Forum designed to empower young people, boost youth participation and strengthen European identity by means of showcasing their its innovative ideas, projects and activities.

Remember Holocaust

The Community Enterprise of Thessaloniki partners up with 4 youth organizations and a municipality, all of whom share a common historical point where the local population has been victimized by the anti-Semitism wave and suffered great loses during the WWII.

The consortium working on the “Remember Holocaust – Building Bridges for a common future” project has members located in Greece, Poland, Germany and Slovakia focuses on the remembrance of the Jews Holocaust and aims to foster the understanding of the past while strengthening the dialogue about the future of the European Union.

Through its activities, the project seeks to raise awareness on remembrance, highlight the Union values of solidarity, tolerance and peace and also to promote awareness about civic participation and intercultural engagement. Taking the extermination of Jews as starting point, the project also aims to commemorate its victims and enhance tolerance towards diversity.

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Inspiring Quality Youth Work”

KEDITH participates in approved co-funded European programs (Erasmus plus, Europe for Citizens, Urbact). Between 2016 and 2018, KEDITH participated in the Erasmus plus program of the Intercity Youth Network under the title “Inspiring Quality Youth Work” during which the handbook “Inspiring Quality Youth Work – Using indicators to strengthen the quality of youth work” was created.

You can download the handbook in English HERE and in Greek HERE.

KEDITH has in the past been involved in the following youth exchanges and European programms:

  • 5-11/8/2018 Stockholm, Sweden, Youth exchange with diversity and gender equality being the main subject;
  • 26/3/2018 Meeting with the mayors of Thessaloniki and Plovdiv; Discussion on future cooperation on youth issues;
  • 14-19/11/2017 Berlin, Germany, Greek-German exchange with the strengthening of youth relations of the 2 countries being the main subject;
  • 20-22/10/2017 Thessaloniki, Greece, Participation in the Pan-Hellenic meeting of the Hellenic Youth Workers Association;
  • 7-12/8/2017 Cluj-Napoca Romania, Com on Europe project, participatory budgeting, Youth Participatory Budget, Erasmus plus;
  • 26/3-2/4/2017 Thessaloniki, Greece Training for developing youth policy capacities, training seminar for municipal officials in youth policies;
  • 14-19/11/2016 Varna, Bulgaria, Erasmus + Together on the Innowave, part 2;
  • 19-27/7/2016 La Pommeraye, France, “Exploring my Future” (Exchange with career guidance as the main subject, part 2);
  • 20-25/2/2016 Varna, Bulgaria, Erasmus + Together on the Innowave;
  • 20-27/8/2015 La Pommeraye, France, “Exploring my Future” (Exchange with career guidance as the main subject, part 1);
  • 23-29/3/2015 Braga Portugal, “Europe Entrepreneur” (Youth entrepreneurship);