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KEDITH is represented, participates and organizes events, seminars and European conferences on youth and youth policies.


YOUTH 4 YOUTH Policy Making

The Community Enterprise of Thessaloniki municipality – European Youth Capital 2014  is planning a series of meetings and workshops organized within the framework of the “Youth 4 Youth policy making” project  which is funded by the Erasmus + Youth Program and the Greek National Agency.

The aim of the project is to inform young people about ways in which they can actively participate in local, national and European political life and in local youth policies, thus increasing the participation of young people in decision-making.

Young participants aged 15-30 will participate in a structured dialogue and  interactive discussions and activities aimed at highlighting the real needs of young people about political life, enhancing active participation, the needs of a youth center as well as understanding the importance of their contribution to the shaping of the Greek’s as well as the European Union’s Youth Strategy.

The participants will record their own concerns, suggestions and innovative ideas for enhancing young people’s participation in the European elections and political affairs.

7th Intercity Youth Conference,
3-5 October 2018, Hotel Porto Palace

«3D Youth Work : Digital-Diverse-Dynamic»

In the aftermath of the dramatical socio political changes taking place globally, youth work has taken on new forms and missions. In a Europe characterized by diversity, approaches to youth and education are being constantly revisited in an attempt to answer contemporary needs and challenges. In this framework, innovation, flexibility and dynamism are a prerequisite for today’s society and essential skills for those working with and for young people.

The 7th Intercity Youth Conference 2018 in Thessaloniki attempts, under the thematic title “3D Youth Work: Digital-Diverse-Dynamic”, to both explore and explain the digital, diverse and dynamic aspects of Youth Work, exemplify and empower all related parties with concrete examples and techniques.

ICY 2018 will focus on good practices and success stories from the wider geographical area, promote new tools and relative resources, provide space for debate, networking, exchanging of ideas and creation of synergies, feature input from experts, as well as thematic discussions and study visits.

You will find the conference’s program HERE
You will find the registration link HERE


In the recent past, the enterprise has participated in the following :5-7/5/2015 Brussels, Belgium, YO European Youth Festival;

  • 26-30/9/2016 Strasbourg, France, Participation in the seminar of the Council of Europe “Enter: from policy to practice “on the social inclusion of young people living in deprived and marginalized areas;
  • 17-19/10/2016 Milan, Italy, 5th annual conference of the Intercity Youth network “Learning for life, learning for labor” on youth unemployment;
  • 5-8/3/2017 Thessaloniki, Greece, 2nd Greek-German Youth Forum;
  • 19-21/4/2017 Brussels, Belgium, European Committee of the Regions, Youth Up Gala, Signature of the Collaboration Protocol of the Youth Capitals on behalf of the Mayor of Thessaloniki;
  • 7-9/11/2017 Sindelfingen, Germany, 7th Annual Greek-German Conference “Our Strength is the Local Government”;
  • 15-18/11/2017 Leuven, Belgium, 6th Annual Network Conference under the title “Urban youth work”;
  • 11/1/2018 Thessaloniki, Greece, Consultation on the draft framework of strategy and actions for the empowerment of young people “Youth `17-`27”;
  • 21-27/1/2018 Cascais, Portugal, Official launch of the 2018 Youth Capital and participation in the seminar “Framing and implementing youth policies at the local level”.