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Europe Direct

Europe Direct

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Europe Direct Information Center

Kydonion 2, 546 55, Thessaloniki
Tel: 2313 31 7348, 2313 317353,
2313 317350, 2313 317351

Information about the EU

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The Europe Information Center Europe Direct - Public Benefit Enterprise of the Municipality of Thessaloniki was founded in January 2018, operates under the auspices of the European Commission and is supported by the Public Benefit Enterprise of the Municipality of Thessaloniki.

It is part of a pan-European network of about 424 centers in the 27 Member States, of which 15 are located in Greece.
At the same time it is part of a single European Commission service center, to which the citizen can turn for information on the European Union in any of the 24 official European languages, including Greek.



Informing citizens of all age groups, institutions and services of the local community about issues, policies, activities, programs and initiatives of the European Union, regarding its areas of action, such as:

  • Organization and functioning of European institutions and services,
  • European citizenship and the rights of European citizens,
  • Social Security - Health care,
  • Employment - Recognition of professional qualifications,
  • Job opportunities,
  • Entrepreneurship - Investments - Competition,
  • Environment,
  • Education - Training - Mobility - Youth,
  • Culture


It is a channel of communication between citizens, institutions and services of the city with the institutions of the European Union,

  • Provides information on EU legislation, programs, policies and actions,
  • Utilizes business, work and financial opportunities by transmitting information to interested social groups,
  • Provides specialized information on youth, education, culture and environment,
  • Records and answers citizens' questions immediately,
  • It promotes the European Dimension of the Public Benefit Enterprise of the Municipality of Thessaloniki and highlights its European profile through the services it provides.
Europe Direct

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