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KEDITH Cisco Academy


The Academy of Κ.Ε.ΔΗ.Θ.

offers FREE training services in both specialized network engineering skills in Cisco equipment and other in-demand professional skills. In the courses offered the material is in English, while certificates of participation, digital badges or certifications from the CISCO.

The courses are conducted remotely through e-learning tools, due to the emergency health conditions, the evolution of the pandemic and the new measures for the protection of public health.

Those interested can register after invitations that are published on our website and on our social media. In our announcements there are details on how to register and watch the programs for all of you.

We look forward to your participation !!!

Cisco Academy

Κ.Ε.ΔΗ.Θ. operates the "KEDITH Cisco Academy»From November 2020 under the Cisco Networking Academy program. Κ.Ε.∆Η.Θ. understands the modern requirements in specialized subjects of digital technology and aims to contribute to the modernization of services, but also to tackling unemployment through the development of digital skills.

Η KEDITH Cisco Academy belongs to an international program in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). This enables students to acquire skills at a theoretical and practical level, so that they can work in the field of New Technologies and the Digital Economy.

Through the new FREE educational services of Κ.Ε.ΔΗ.Θ. citizens of Thessaloniki will gain additional knowledge in the field of information technology and more opportunities in the labor market in field of digital technology. Specifically, the Academy of Κ.Ε.ΔΗ.Θ. will offer FREE training services in both specialized Network Engineering skills in Cisco equipment and other in-demand professional skills. 

The courses will be offered FREE either through tools (modern and asynchronous) distance education, or live in the new International Center for Digital Transformation and Digital Skills. The Center is hosted by the Municipality of Thessaloniki in the listed building of the Old Slaughterhouses and aims to include Thessaloniki in the map of the digital avant-garde and to contribute to the education of citizens in digital technologies.


For more information on KEDITH Cisco Academy programs contact us at info@kedith.gr