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Conference of OTA Executives on: Organization, staffing and operation of Primary Local Authorities

November 7, 2021 | Press Releases, KEDITH

At the Panhellenic Conference of Senior Executives (General Managers - Directors) who serve in Local Government Organizations and are organized by the Municipality of Thessaloniki and the Deputy Mayor for Inter-Municipal Cooperation and Hellenes Abroad, The Public Benefit Enterprise of the Municipality of Thessaloniki will also participate with the suggestion of its President, Municipal Councilor, Mrs. Natalia Varsami, on Monday, November 8 The conference entitled "Organization, staffing and operation of Primary Local Authorities", will be held during the three days of November 7-9 in Thessaloniki, at the Capsis Hotel.

In the context of the conference, which has been set under the auspices of the Central Union of Greek Municipalities, issues related to the statutory physiognomy of the senior executives of the Local Self-Government as well as their contribution to the formulation of municipal policies and to the solution of daily problems that arise during the execution of their duties will be discussed.

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NOVEMBER 7 - 9, 2021



Sunday November 7 2021

17.00 - 18.15 Arrival - Registrations

18.30 Opening of the Conference - Greetings

Keynote speech: 19.00

George Stavropoulos, Chairman of the Central Codification Committee, Honorary Vice-Chairman of the Council of State, former Minister

"Local government yesterday, today, tomorrow"

Monday 8 November 2021

AD Session 9.30 - 10.45: Digital governance and transparency

Chair: Glavinis Panagiotis Dean of the Law School of AUTh, Professor of International Economic Law

Leonidas Christopoulos, Secretary General of the Ministry of Digital Governance "Digital governance and Local Government"

Sevasti Polychronaki, Head of the Planning Department of Organization and Informatics of the Municipality of Chania: "New technologies in local authorities with two sides"

Athanasios Xiros, DN, lawyer, EAP teacher: "Transparency in the organization and operation of local government"

Natalia Varsami, President of the Public Benefit Enterprise of the Municipality of Thessaloniki: "Communication and transparency: aiming at a sustainable municipal administration"

Second Session 11.15 - 12.15: Internal service organizations, hierarchical relations and principle of legality 

Chairwoman Panagiota Karli, State Counselor

Nikolaos Komninos Chlepas, Professor of the Department of Political Science, EKPA "Internal Service Organizations: Problems and Policy Proposals"

Gabriel Kouris, General Secretary of the Municipality of Minoa Pediada "Procedures and practices for drafting or modifying a modern internal service organization in the municipalities"

Vassilis Kondylis, Associate Professor of the Law School of EKPA "Hierarchical relations and the principle of legality".

Discussion 12.15.15                             


Third Session 16.30 - 17.45: Relations between elected officials and employees

Chairman Costas Chrysogonos, Professor of the Law School of AUTh.

Antonis Makridimitris, Professor of the Department of Political Science and Public Administration EKPA "The contribution of local government leaders in policy making"

Maria Tataya, DN, General Director of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, “The statutory physiognomy of General Managers / Directors and the Municipal Administrations. Institutionalization of the Board of Directors "

Koupkas Michael Economist, Min. Διδ. University of Macedonia, Deputy Mayor of Finance of the Municipality of Thessaloniki "The importance of complying with the psychological contract in the Local Authorities"

Dimitris Katsoulis, Δ.Ν. Lawyer, former Mayor of Avlona, ​​Evia "Administration and Politics in Municipalities: The relationship between elected officials and municipal employees in practice"

Dew Sugar, Director of Planning, Organization and Informatics of the Municipality of Heraklion "Assignment of positions of responsibility to the municipalities"

Fourth Session 18.15 - 19.00: The electoral system and its influence on the operation of the Municipalities

Chairwoman Lina Papadopoulou, Associate Professor of Law, AUTh.

Dimitris Zakalkas, DN, doctor of constitutional law, lawyer, former Mayor: "The electoral system of local authorities and its impact on the formation of collective bodies and the daily operation of municipalities."

Marina Oikonomou, Head of the Directorate of Administrative and Financial Services of the Municipality of Pogoni, Ioannina: "The operation and functionality of small municipalities in the new data".

Discussion 19.00 - 20.00

Tuesday 9 November

First Session 9.30 - 11.00:   Merit and salary treatment of municipal employees

Chairman, Dimitris Raikos, Judge at the UN Court of Appeal, ex-president of the UNITED NATIONS APPELAS TRIBUNAL, President of the Court of Appeal D.D. , Professor of Law.

Dimitris Emmanouilidis, State Counselor, General Director of the School of Judges: "The principle of meritocracy and social rights".

Iakovos Mathioudakis, Associate Professor of Law at AUTh: “The salary of OTA employees".      

Vasiliki Papadaniil Deputy Head of Finance of the Municipality of Volos: "Merit and the fight against corruption"

Dimitra Noussi, General Manager of the Municipality of Athens “Recruitment and crisis management. The experience of Athens. Recruitment of school cleaners and operation of schools in the pandemic ".

Second Session 11.30 12.45:  Employee evaluation - Ethics map

Chairman Ioannis Symeonidis, Professor of Law, AUTh. Commissioner of the Territory of the Ordinary Administrative Courts

Stavroula Ktistaki, State Counselor, Professor of Panteion University: “OTA employee evaluation systems. - Comparative models ”

Petros Papafilis, Deputy Head of the Municipal Police Directorate of the Municipality of Thessaloniki "Composition, documentation and utilization of individual and group indicators for evaluating the efficiency of OTA staff."

Konstantinos Gogos, Professor of the Law School of AUTh "Rules of ethics in local government"

Dimitris Kypriotis, Head of the Directorate of Education, Culture and Sports of the Municipality of Rhodes: "The interpersonal relations of the executives of the Service outside the workplace or when the official relations are transformed into personal"

Discussion 12.45 13.45             

Third Session 16.00 17.15: The finances of the Municipalities

Chairman Ioannis Sarmas, President of the Court of Auditors

Konstantinos Costopoulos, Vice President of the Court of Auditors "Internal control system in the Municipalities and Court of Auditors"

Ekaterini Naziri, Deputy Head of the Internal Audit Department of the Municipality of Thessaloniki: "The importance of recording the procedures in the local authorities for the identification of risks"                          

Evangelia Kouloumbini Vice President of the Court of Auditors: “Issues of effective judicial protection from the imputation of elected and official bodies of the Municipalities. The dilemmas of the financial judges"

Ioannis Hatzikonstantinou, Head of Finance Department of the Municipality of Kavala, "The redesign of the procurement system for the benefit of local development".


Fourth Session 17.45 - 18.30: Culture and education

Chairwoman Koutoupa Evangelia, Professor of the Law School of AUTh.

Evangelia Bafouni, Director of Culture of the Municipality of Piraeus: "The example of the Directorate of Culture of the Municipality of Piraeus for the shaping of the cultural policy of the Municipality by creating a" digital portal "with the cultural stock of the city".

Maria Korkidi, Director of Culture, Sports and Education of the Municipality of Keratsini Drapetsona: “Utilization of staff and structures of local government. Development, improvement and evolution of municipal libraries, municipal cinemas, artistic and cultural activities. Adoption of good practices of local and international examples. Building cultural synergies ".

Ekaterini Danadiadou, Deputy Head of the Directorate of Urban Planning and Architectural Studies of the Municipality of Thessaloniki: “The expropriations of common and public spaces. School housing issues ".

Discussion 18.30 19.30

Conference conclusions 19.30-19.45

Michalis Pikramenos, Vice President of the Council of State,

Associate Professor of Law, AUTh


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