Our history

Upon publication of the Official Government Gazette num. 2391/28.08.2012, the merger of the Municipal Common Benefit Enterprise of Thessaloniki (DIKETHE) and the Municipal Common Benefit Enterprise of Triandria (DIKET) was completed, according to which the new legal entity that arose is the Common Benefit Enterprise of Thessaloniki Municipality (KEDITH). In November 2011, upon publication of the Official Government Gazette num. 814/08.04.2013, the planning, organization and implementation of youth actions, projects and events, the promotion of European youth policy at local and national level, the dialogue within Europe’s youth, the generation of structures and actions for children and young people and the creation of youth centers were added to the aims of KEDITH.

KEDITH operates with an 11-member council appointed by decision of the Municipal Council of the Municipality of Thessaloniki.

Since 25th September 2019, the Municipal Councilor Ms Ioanna Kosmopoulou has been appointed as the President of KEDITH.


KEDITH manages Centers of Creative Activities for Children (CCAC) and Centers of Creative Activities for Children with Disabilities (CCAC wD) for children of 5 to 12 years old, within the project “Work-Life Balance for Working Parents and Careers” of the NSRF 2014-2020.



The Municipal Youth Council is a structure of young people’s active participation. They take initiatives on issues that concern them but also on issues of general interest. It enables young people to become active citizens.




The process that we followed in 2011 during the candidacy of Thessaloniki as the European Youth Capital of 2014 is still one of the best in terms of cooperation.



The EUROPE DIRECT Information Center –KEDITH

is an Information Centers that operates as a communication channel between the citizens, institutions and directorates of the city with the institutions of the European Union.
It provides information on EU legislation, programs, policies and actions.
It takes good use of business, employment and financial opportunities by transmitting information to interested social groups.
It provides specialized information on youth, education, culture and the environment.
It records and responds directly to citizens’ questions.
It promotes the European Dimension of the Common Benefit Enterprise of Thessaloniki Municipality and highlights its European profile through the services it provides.
It is a program co-funded by the European Union.
It is part of a pan-European network of about 500 centers in the 28 Member States.

“In a word I can summarize that I’ve learned about life: it’s going on,” said Robert Frost.

And we know that the best come ……



Our city is a city of youth by tradition,

perhaps the city with the largest number of young people in the Mediterranean basin.  At the same time, it has a very large number of students, reaching 150,000 and, as a result, the total number of young people reaches 50% of the total population of Thessaloniki.

This great “force” that we have as a city can be unleashed, activated and develop a huge momentum, thus becoming the vehicle of a creative exit from the deadlocks of the current situation we are experiencing at local and national level.

It is the generation from which we have taken away optimism and hope and we, at the very least, need to leave their path for the country’s rebirth free and unhindered.