Youth Participatory

The need to strengthen participatory processes is a commonly accepted ascertainment.

Youth participation in the decision-making process on issues and actions that affect them is a prerequisite for successful youth policies.

A general definition that can be attributed to the concept of Youth Participatory Budget (YPB) is that it is a process of taking part in the decision-making process of the BoD of KEDITH, regarding decisions related to the objectives and the allocation of a portion of its financial resources.

The mission of the project is to strengthen the role and support of young people and groups associated with them, for their active participation, their effort to change society through a sustainable, responsible and inclusive process through the sharing of space, culture, power, joy, vision and common European values, to address issues such as youth empowerment, mobility, information and structured dialogue, as part of an annual program in Thessaloniki, which is part of the local strategy for youth.

It is an open invitation to all young people or youth organizations wishing to participate, a process that has similarities with direct and representative democracy. It involves participation, it is a self-regulated process where young people decide to allocate part of the financial resources of KEDITH.